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friction winch for sale in Indonesia

Aicrane AQ-JMM 60 Ton Friction Winch Exported to Indonesia

Recently, one set of Aicrane AQ-JMM 60 ton friction winch has been exported to Indonesia and the winch has been installed successfully. The customer uses the winch as slipway winch to pull boats ashore for maintenance. AQ-JMM series winch is a type of slow speed winch, which can be used widely and efficiently for heavy … Read more

marine electric mooring winch

Electric Marine Winch Shipped To Malaysia

Recently, an electric marine winch was shipped to Malaysia, and the marine winch will be used for mooring operations as required. This marine winch has reasonable design and compact structure. Continue to read the post for more detailed information. How Did the Customer Find Us? The customer searched the marine winch on Google, found Aicrane and … Read more

5 Ton electric winch for South Korea

5 Ton Electric Winches Shipped To South Korea

Recently, two sets of 5 ton electric winches have been shipped to South Korea. The two electric winches are delivered from Qingdao port on May 19, 2022, and arrived in the destination port after two days. The winches will be used in the steel mill to handle ladle heaters with insulated walls, and they work … Read more

winch used for dam gate handling

QPQ 2*25ton Electric Winches Are Ready for Delivery to Vietnam

Recently, three sets of Aicrane QPQ 2*25 ton electric winch are completely manufactured in the factory and ready for shipping to Vietnam for our customer. These electric winches will be used in the dam for handling dam gate on request. The whole delivery cycle of the QPQ 2*25ton winches is 45 working days, the winches … Read more

3T winch

Aicrane Electric Winch Indonesia

Aicrane electric winch Indonesia mainly includes slow speed electric winch, fast speed electric winch, friction winch and marine winches. We provide different winches to suit different requirements and we also offer customized winch for special uses. 3 Ton AQ-JM Electric Winch Indonesia This type of winch is slow speed winch, which can be used for … Read more


Marine Winch for Sale Philippines

As a professional winch manufacturer and supplier, we have exported many winches to various countries including Philippines. Our winch for sale Phillipines mainly consists of marine winch and construction winch. Different winch types are designed and produced to meet different work requirements.  Marine  Hydraulic Winch for Sale Philippines The winch shown below is Aicrane … Read more

electric marine winch to Singapore

15 ton Electric Mooring Winch Delivered to Singapore

3 sets of 15 ton electric mooring winch have been delivered to our customers’ work place in Singapore, the electric mooring winches have single drum and single warping head. The electric mooring winch is our hot-sale type marine winch, which is used for mooring operations and can greatly improve efficiency and save human labor. This … Read more

electric winch delivered to UAE

Aicrane Slow Speed Electric Winches for UAE Customer

One of our customers from UAE purchased two slow speed electric winches from our company, one is AQ-JM 10 ton electric winch, another is AQ-JM slow speed 8 ton winch, Aicrane slow speed electric winch has wide applications, reasonable design, good work performance and ideal price, and we have exported many winches to UAE and … Read more

15 ton hydraulic winch to Vietnam

15 ton Hydraulic Winch Ready for Delivery to Vietnam

Aicrane 4 sets of 15ton hydraulic winch are ready for delivery to Vietnam. Now the four marine winches have been completely manufactured and tested in the factory, and will be shipped to our customer’s work site on time. Features of Marine Hydraulic Winch These four winches are marine hydraulic winches and will be used for … Read more

hydraulic winch to Dominica

40 ton Marine Hydraulic Winch Are Ready For Delivery To Dominica

Recently, two sets of 40 ton marine hydraulic winch have been completely finished and are ready for delivery to our customers’ work place in Dominica. The two winches are used for marine operations, they are equipped with hydraulic pump station. They have the features of high quality, reasonable design, good work performance, easy operation and … Read more