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30ton electric winch

5 ton and 30 ton Electric Winches Exported to Nigeria

Aicrane one 5 ton winch and two 30 ton electric winches were exported to Nigeria. The three winches are our AQ-JM series slow speed electric winches and will be used to handle boats for shore maintenance. On-site Inspection of Aicrane Team Before purchasing the winch, our project consultants and technician went to Nigeria for the … Read more

electric winch 10 ton

10 Ton Electric Winch Purchased by Indonesian Customer

Recently, a 10 ton electric winch was ordered by an Indonesian customer and has been delivered to Jakarta, Indonesia. This electric winch is equipped with two brakes to guarantee the safer use. This winch is slow speed winch used for heavy loads handling as required. Why Did the Indonesian Customer Recognize Aicrane? Professional winch solution: … Read more

5ton winch to Indonesia

Two 5ton Electric Winch Delivered to Indonesia

Two sets of 5 ton electric winch have been packed and delivered to Jakarta, Indonesia. The two electric winches are Aicrane AQ-JM series slow speed winch, they will be used on construction site for lifting heavy materials. Technical Parameters of the AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch Indonesia Model AQ-JM Electric Winch Rated load 50 KN Diameter … Read more

22ton electric mooring winch

Electric Marine Winch Solution for UAE Client

8 electric marine winches have been shipped to UAE for the client, these marine electric winches are variable speed winch and they are used for mooring operations in accordance with the requirements. Features and Advantages of the Marine Electric Winch The electric mooring winches are equipped with frequency convertion control to realize the stepless speed … Read more

mooring hydraulic winch for Indonesia

Aicrane 10 Ton Mooring Winch Solution for Indonesia

Aicrane provided a 10 ton mooring winch solution for our Indonesian client to suit his requirements. The winch is our hot-sale type – marine hydraulic winch and it is used for mooring operations. The client purchased ten sets of the hydraulic mooring winch 10 ton for his new project. Features of the Hydraulic Mooring Winch … Read more

8 ton hydraulic towing winch for sale

8 Ton Hydraulic Towing Winch Exported to New Caledonia

Recently, one Aicrane 8 ton hydraulic towing winch has been exported to New Caledonia for our client to replace the old winch machine in the cargo ship. The hydraulic towing winch is equipped with both pneumatic and manual operated brakes, as well as matching decoupling device. Technical Parameters of 8T Hydraulic Towing Winch Single Drum … Read more

Aicrane marine hydraulic winch for sale

Hydraulic Marine Winch for Philippine Customer

Two sets of hydraulic marine winch have been manufactured and delivered from the factory for our Philippine customer. The marine hydraulic winches Philippines will be used for mooring operations as required. Cooperation With The Cusmomer This customer was introduced by one of our old customers who has cooperated with us and trusted us. The customer … Read more

friction winch for sale in Indonesia

Aicrane AQ-JMM 60 Ton Friction Winch Exported to Indonesia

Recently, one set of Aicrane AQ-JMM 60 ton friction winch has been exported to Indonesia and the winch has been installed successfully. The customer uses the winch as slipway winch to pull boats ashore for maintenance. AQ-JMM series winch is a type of slow speed winch, which can be used widely and efficiently for heavy … Read more

marine electric mooring winch

Electric Marine Winch Shipped To Malaysia

Recently, an electric marine winch was shipped to Malaysia, and the marine winch will be used for mooring operations as required. This marine winch has reasonable design and compact structure. Continue to read the post for more detailed information. How Did the Customer Find Us? The customer searched the marine winch on Google, found Aicrane and … Read more