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Straddle Carrier Gantry Crane

Straddle carrier gantry crane is also called engineering gantry crane, which is a kind of gantry crane specially designed for bridge construction. There are straddle carrier rail gantry cranes and straddle carrier rubber tyre gantry cranes.

This kind of crane is mainly used to lift the prefabricated beam from the beam making platform to the beam storage platform, and lift the prefabricated beam from the beam storage platform to the beam transport vehicle after the maintenance of the prefabricated beam is completed.

Complete the assembly and disassembly of bridge erecting machine as lifting equipment. It can be used for loading and unloading operation fields such as highway and railway bridge engineering, housing construction engineering, water conservancy engineering, concrete component Prefabrication Yard, warehouse and stock yard; it can also be used for erecting dry bridge with low pier body; it is also ideal for bridge engineering construction, foundation, pier hoisting operation and upper structure concrete beam (slab) installation operation.

The straddle carrier crane has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable mechanical properties, light weight, large rigidity, simple operation, stable and safe use, convenient assembly and disassembly, and low cost.


straddle carrier crane

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Technical Requirements

  1. The speed of lifting mechanism and running mechanism is low, so as to improve the alignment accuracy of prefabricated beam and reduce the impact on the beam lifting machine structure.
  2. The internal space of the girder lifting machine shall be large enough to meet the requirements of hoisting prefabricated beams and assembling of the bridge erecting machine.
  3. Under the premise of meeting the strength, rigidity and stability, the main steel structure shall be disassembled and transported.
  4. When two prefabricated beams are hoisted, the synchronous operation of two machines shall be met.

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