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5 ton overhead crane for Thailand

Installation of Overhead Cranes in Thailand

Good news! Two sets of Aicrane overhead cranes have been successfully installed in Thailand, one is AQ-LD 5 ton overhead crane and the other is AQ-LH 15 ton double girder hoist overhead crane. These two overhead cranes have the same span of 11.25m. They are mainly used for handling turbine and generator to facilitate the … Read more

overhead crane installed in Dominica

Aicrane 7.5 Ton Overhead Crane Installed in Dominica

One of our customers from Dominica sent us positive feedback of the 7.5 ton overhead crane installation in his warehouse. The overhead crane is our AQ-LD type single girder overhead crane, its span is 12.6m, it is equipped with an electric chain hoist as the lifting device, and the crane is used to handle insulation … Read more

overhead crane installation

Installation of European Overhead Crane in Uzbekistan

Congratulations to Aicrane! The installation of a European standard overhead crane has been completely finished. The lifting capacity of the overhead crane is 10 ton and its span length is 10.5m. The crane is our AQ-HD type with high work performance and free maintenance design. The 10 ton overhead crane will be used in the … Read more

crane beams

10 Ton Overhead Crane On The Way To Kazakhstan

Aicrane 10 ton overhead crane was on the way to Kazakhstan for our client. The overhead crane 10 ton is our hot-sale type – AQ-LD single girder overhead crane. The overhead crane will be used in our client’s workshop for heavy objects transferrring from one work cell to another as required. Production of the Single … Read more

main girder of the crane

10 Ton Overhead Crane On The Way To Kenya

An Aicrane AQ-HD 10 ton overhead crane was on the way to Kenya for our customer. The crane is our European standard single girder crane, its load capacity is 10ton and its span is 6m. The crane will arrive in the destination port on time. The 10ton crane is equipped with European electric wire rope … Read more

LB10T explosion proof crane

Installation of Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes in Uzbekistan

The installation of two explosion proof overhead cranes have been completely finished in Uzbekistan, one is AQ-LB 10 ton explosion proof overhead crane and the other is AQ-NLXB 2 ton European explosion proof underhung crane. Both the ovead cranes are recommended to suit all the work requirements. Two Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes Installation With the … Read more

double girder crane to Kazakhstan

Double Girder Overhead Crane On The Way To Kazakhstan

Recently, a double girder overhead crane designed and manufactured by our company is on the way to Kazakhstan for our customers. The crane our customers purchased is our hot-sale crane type – AQ-QD type overhead crane and it is top running style. The double girder crane has large lifting capacity, long service life, easy operation, … Read more