Marine Winch for Sale

electric marine winch
Electric Marine Winch

Marine winch is a kind of device used for marine operations including anchoring, mooring, towing, or heavy loads lifting etc; the winch is mainly made up of rope, cable or chain wound around a horizontal drum which can rotate, and the winch is turned by a crank or motor as needed.

Aicrane Marine Winch Types:

Anchor Winch

Mooring Winch

Towing Winch/Tugger Winch

Marine Capstan

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Customer Cases

In Philippines

12ton Waterfall Hydraulic Winch Philippines

12ton hydraulic winch for sale
12ton Waterfall Style Hydraulic Winch

In Maldives

5ton Marine Electric Winch Maldives

5 ton electric marine winch to Maldives
5 ton Electric Marine Winch to Maldives


5ton Marine Electric Winch UAE

5 ton marine winch to UAE
5ton Marine Electric Winch Delivered to UAE for Our Customers

In Vietnam

15ton Marine Hydraulic Winch Vietnam

15ton Winch with free spare parts
15ton Winch with Free Spare Parts for Our Customers

30 ton Hydraulic Mooring Winch Vietnam

30 ton mooring winch for sale
30 ton mooring winch for sale in Vietnam

In Indonesia

10ton Hydraulic Marine Winch Indonesia

10ton hydraulic winch for sale
10ton marine hydraulic winch for sale

In Nigeria

30ton Electric Towing Winch Nigeria

30 ton towing winch for sale
30 ton towing winch for sale Nigeria

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Wide Applications of Marine Winch

Our marine winch products are designed for a wide range of applications,  our winches mainly include anchor winch, anchor mooring winch, mooring winch, towing winch, positioning winch and other types of winch.  The winch can be installed and used on a boat or ship, on the dock or shore, in a port or quay, on offshore platform etc for meeting different work requirements.

Used on boats and vessels for anchoring, mooring and towing operations

Lift or haul heavy loads on board or platforms

Used as slipway winch for vessel handling

Used as positioning winch on vessels

Used for offshore and subsea construction support

Different Types of Marine Winches

Winch Classifications according to Power Mode

If the marine winch is divided according to power mode, there are mainly marine electric winch, marine hydraulic winch, marine diesel winch, and also manual winch. These winches are powered and driven by different power types according to actual needs.

Electric marine winch for sale
Electric Marine Winch

Marine hydraulic winch
Hydraulic Marine Winch

diesel marine winch for sale
Diesel Marine Winch

Marine electric winch parameters:
  • Loading capacity: 1ton- 100 ton
  •  Rope capacity: 100-1500m
  • Drum: single or double
  • Working speed: 9 ~ 15 m/min
  • Driven type: electric

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Parameters of marine hydraulic winch:
  • Loading capacity: 1ton- 100 ton
  • Rope capacity: 100- 1500m
  • Drum: single or double
  • Working speed: 5- 15 m/min
  • Driven type: hydraulic

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Diesel marine winch parameters:
  • Loading capacity: 1ton- 100 ton
  •  Rope capacity: 100-1500m
  • Drum: single or double
  • Working speed: 9 ~ 15 m/min
  • Driven type: diesel

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Winch Classifications according to Applications

If the winch is divided according to the application, the marine winches mainly include anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch (also known as tugger winch), cable pulling winch, moreover, there are also marine capstans including anchor capstan, mooring capstan and capstans used for towing operations.

Marine winch for sale
Anchor Mooring Winch

Aicrane marine winch parameters:

  • Load capacity: 1 ton-100 ton
  • Drum capacity: 100- 1000 m
  • Power supply: 380V-460V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase
  • Dia of anchor chain: ø12mm – ø128mm
  • Customized service provided

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anchor winch for sale
Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Types of Anchor Winch:

Electric Anchor Winch

Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Diesel Anchor Winch

Anchor Chain/Rope Winch

Anchor winch is mainly used for anchoring operations, and the winches can adopt electric, hydraulic or diesel power mode as required.

Our anchor winches has the following feature: reasonable design, high work performance, reliable quality and competitive price

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mooring winch for sale
Aicrane Mooring Winch

Types of Mooring Winch:

Electric Mooring Winch

Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Diesel Mooring Winch

Anchor Mooring Winch

Mooring winch is used during mooring or loading and unloading operations to hold or keep a ship in position on dock without drifting.

We provide different winch solutions to meet different work requirements. We also provide custom options to suit special requirements. No matter what type of mooring winch you need, you can just get a suitable one from our company.

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towing winches for sale
Towing Winch for Sale

Types of Towing Winch:

Electric Towing Winch

Hydraulic Towing Winch

Diesel Towing Winch

Towing winch, also known as tugger winch, is usually installed on a boat to tow another boat. The main parts of the winch include drum, brake unit, clutch, wall frame, base, spooling device, drive device, control device and so on.

The towing winches are  mainly used to connect tug boat with the towed boat, bear the corresponding load, and meanwhile they are also used to reel, release and store rope. Contact us to get detailed information of the winch.

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Winch Classifications according to Drum

If the winch is divided according to the drum quantity, there are single drum winch, double drum winch and multiple drum winch (with three or more drums). As a professional marine winch supplier, we provide suitable winch solutions for our customers to suit their special requirements.

marine single drum winch
Single Drum Marine Winch
quality marine winches for sale
Double Drum Marine Winch

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Winch Videos

Advantages of Aicrane Marine Winches

Reliable Quality

The winch marine we supply has a good quality. Our winch manufacturing adopts advanced core technology and quality materials to ensure the reliable production of the winches.

Competitive Winch Price

Compared with the products made in developed countries, the winch marine price made in China is relatively lower. For example, the labor and rent of land are relatively cheap so that the whole price is  very reasonable and competitive.

Durable and Cost-effective

Our winches are cost-effective and durable. We provide our customers with cost-effective and durable marine winch machines to maximize the profit and boost the efficiency.

Excellent Service

Our company has professional and experienced service team. We provide pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service to meet different customers’ needs, our service mainly including consulting, installation, training, maintenance and so on.

Long Service Time

All of the winches for sale made in our company have long service time if you operate the machine in correct way.

Less Winch Maintenance

Less winch maintenance will help you save time and money.

Main Components of Marine Windlass

The winch generally consists of electric motor or hydraulic power supply, reducer, drum, brake, clutch, operating system, under-frame and wire rope or chain etc.

  • Electric motor/Hydraulic power supply – with electric motor or hydraulic power unit, it drives the drum to wind rope or cable in and out for pulling or dragging heavy objects as required. The rotating direction of the drum changes with the change of turning direction of the motor.
  • ➢ Drum – single, double or multiple drums are available as choice.
  • ➢ Reducer – the reducer is driven by electric motor or man power to make the drum rotate in order to let out or pull in the wire rope or chain.
  • Band brake – it is an extra brake fitted on the drum. It can be manual or automatic.
  • Manual clutch – the manual cluthc is applied to release the drum.
  • Brake system – the brake is fitted between the motor and input shaft, our brake system is safe and reliable.
  • Control system – we provide local control and remote control on request.
  • Warping head – some marine winches have warping head which is used to wind but not store the rope.

For special working requirements, we customize the winches with different configuration.

Tips on Selecting a Reputable Marine Winch Manufacturer

Whatever kind of winch you are going to purchase, it is important to take the following things into careful consideration in order to make a right and suitable choice on the equipment.

Firstly, take the winch quality as an important factor because a good quality winch solution can greatly facilitate your marine operations and ensure the safe work.

If you select a low-quality one, the winch may break down anytime during the operations and need much maintenance.

Secondly, consider the winch price with care to make sure you buy a winch with reasonable price.

It is common that customers care much about the product price while choosing one winch especially when the customers need a winch with large pull force, because such a winch will be a big investment.

Price is an importance factor but it doesn’t mean you only need to consider this one, otherwise, you may get a very cheap winch with low quality and it can not function well in long time.

waterfall style mooring winch for sale
Mooring Winch for Sale

double drum marine winch for sale
Double Drum Marine Winch

Thirdly, it matters a lot for you to be well sure about your actual work needs on the winch. If you are not clear about the actual needs, you may not get a suitable marine windlass for your operations.

For example, you should know the rated load, the rope capacity, the rope or chain diameter and the power mode for the winch you need, with the above information, the winch supplier will provide you with a suitable solution.

Fourthly, choose and cooperate with a marine winch supplier with good reputation and much experience.

If you choose a supplier with little experience in designing and manufacturing marine winches, it is possible for you to get a winch with low quality and then it will be a waste of money and time.

In conclusion, no matter what kind of marine winch you need for your operations, including electric winch, hydraulic winch, diesel winch, or winches driven both electrically and hydraulically, it is worth mentioning that selecting a good quality winch with reasonable price and excellent working performance will be a wise and worthy investment.

Information Needed for Accurate Winch Quotation

For accurate quotation from winch supplier, it is suggested to provide detailed information for the provider shown as below:

  • The rated load (T) or pull force (KN) of the winch you need
  • ➢ The drum capacity (m) of the winch 
  • ➢ The rope or chain diameter (mm)
  • ➢ The applications of the winch (including anchoring, mooring, towing, positioning, etc)
  • ➢ The power supply (v/hz) of the winch
  • ➢ The working speed of the winch (m/min)
  • ➢ The power mode of winch (electric/hydraulic/diesel)
  • ➢ If the spooling device is needed for the winch? 
  • ➢ Other special requirements

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Winch Marine for Sale

As one of the experienced and reliable marine winch manufacturers in China, we have been in this business for a very long time, and various types of marine windlasses have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions.

We have passed a variety of certificates on the winch and been qualified in designing and manufacturing winches to meet all kinds of requirements. We have professional teams engaging in researching, developing, designing and producing wide range of marine winches in order to meet different clients’ requirements.

We have strict quality control and management system, which ensure the winch quality from the source to avoid low-quality or defective products. We have professional and excellent after-sale service to guarantee the safe and reliable work of the winches. We provide training and guide on installation and operation of the winch products to make sure the users can install and use the winch correctly and safely.

Aicrane marine winch
Marine Winch with Good Quality

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Marine Capstan for Sale

Marine capstans are usually used on deck or shore for anchoring or mooring operations, the capstans can adopt electric power mode or hydraulic power mode as needed. The pull force of the capstan marine can be from 0.5ton to 25ton.

Our capstans mainly consist of anchor capstan, mooring capstan, vertical capstan, horizontal capstan, different styles of the capstans are designed to suit different work requirements.

If you are planning to purchase a capstan for your ship or boat, it is suggested to choose reputable manufactuer and select a quality product to ensure safe and reliable work.

marine capstans for sale
Marine Capstans

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Marine Windlass Safety Requirements

  1. The foundation for installing the winch should be strong and solid, that is to say, it should be in good stable condition. It is necessary to perform an overall check for issues to ensure the safe operation environment.
  2. The winch drum, brake, wires and line should be checked regularly and thoroughly to make sure that they work well all the time no matter the winch is installed on the boat, dock or in port.
  3. The ropes or chains should be reeled and arranged on drums correctly and evenly without twisting.
  4. It is forbidden and dangerous to leave a marine winch in gear with the winch band brake on.
  5. Always remember to install, operate and control the marine winches according to the safety rules to avoid the risks and accidents.
marine winch with high quality
Marine Winch with High Quality

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As a professional winch manufacturer and supplier, we supply all kinds of marine winches for our clients, such as anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch, deck winch, barge winch, offshore winch, port winch, vessel winch, spooling winch, slipway winch and wide range of marine capstans.

No matter what kind of winch or capstan you want, you can just get a perfect one from our company. If you are interested in knowing further about out winches or would like to select one for your marine operations, just contact us without any hesitation and you will get our reply very soon.


Winch Parameters

Anchor Winch

Technical Parameters of Anchor Winch

Model Chain Dia. Working load Supporting load Working speed Warping load Warping speed Motor power Overall Dimensions Weight
mm KN KN m/min m/min KW mm T
El-24 24 25-27 149-214 9 20 8.5 8.5/3.5 1400x1625x1050 3.3
El-26 26 29-32 175-250 9 20 8.5 8.5/3.5 1400x1625x1050 3.3
El-28 28 33-37 202-289 9 20 8.5 11/11/7.5 1600x1845x1150 3.8
El-30 30 38-42 231-331 9 30 8.5 11/11/7.5 1600x1845x1150 3.8
El-32 32 44-49 262-375 9 30 8.5 16/16/11 1775x2025x1270 4.6
El-34 34 49-55 295-422 9 30 8.5 16/16/11 1775x2025x1270 4.6
El-36 36 55-62 329-473 9 30 8.5 16/16/11 1775x2025x1270 4.6
El-38 38 61-69 365-522 9 50 8.5 22/22/16 1900x2150x1350 5.2
El-40 40 68-76 403-576 9 50 8.5 22/22/16 1900x2150x1350 5.2
El-42 42 75-84 442-630 9 50 8.5 22/22/16 1900x2150x1350 5.2

Mooring Winch

Technical Parameters of Mooring Winch

Model Rated pull(KN) Rated speed(m/min) Drum capacity(mmxm) Braking force(KN) Motor power(KW) Dimensions(mm) Weight(Ton)
EL-20 20 12 15×200 60 11 1800x1150x1825 2.5
EL-30 30 12 16×200 90 15 1950x1200x1900 3
EL-50 50 12 22×220 150 22 2050x1200x2000 3.5
EL-80 80 12 28×220 240 37 2175x1250x2100 4
EL-100 100 12 30×220 300 45 2320x1285x2175 5
EL-125 125 12 32×220 375 55 2385x1325x2250 5.5
EL-150 150 12 36×220 450 75 2500x1465x2400 6
EL-200 200 10 39.5×350 600 75 2600x1670x2625 9
EL-250 250 10 43×450 750 90 2850x1800x2900 12.5
EL-320 320 8 47×550 960 90 3050x1975x3100 18
EL-400 400 8 52×600 1000 110 3375x2050x3400 22
EL-500 500 9 56×600 750 180 4750x2800x3850 25

Towing Winch

Technical Parameters of Towing Winch

Model Rated load Rated speed Rope capacity Rope diameter Motor power Overall Dimensions
KN m/min m mm KW mm
YT1-16 160 7.5 500 28 45 3200x4050x2200
YT1-20 200 7.5 500 30 55 3200x4050x2200
YT1-25 250 7.5 550 32 75 3600x4350x2580
YT1-32 320 7.5 600 36 90 3600x4500x2600
YT1-40 400 5 750 40 90 3700x4800x2860
YT1-50 500 5 750 52 110 3900x4900x3000
YT1-63 630 5 850 54 110 4000x5100x3100
YT1-80 800 5 1000 58 132 4250x5300x3300
YT1-100 1000 5 1000 64 180 4550x5500x3450
YT1-125 1250 5 1200 70 220 4850x5800x3700
YT1-130 1300 5 1200 72 220 5000x6800x3800
YT1-160 1600 4 1500 82 220 5200x7000x3860
YT1-200 2000 4 1500 90 250 5350x7200x4000
YT1-250 2500 4 1500 102 300 5500x7450x4200
YT1-300 3000 4 1500 110 360 5800x7600x4200

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