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Routine Maintenance of Overhead Crane

Appearance of overheadcrane: fully clean the appearance to ensure no dust. Check for cracks and open welds. Crane and trolley: check and fasten whether the transmission shaft seat, gearbox, coupling, shaft and key are loose; check and adjust the brake wheel clearance to make it uniform, sensitive and reliable. Check the reducer of overhead crane … Read more

Protective Device of Electric Hoist

Electric hoist generally has multi-directional protection device to ensure the safety of personnel and work, but the protection device should also have some basic requirements. It has the function of preventing danger, suitable for the operation condition of electric hoist, and does not hinder the production and operation. It is installed firmly, with reliable performance, … Read more

Safety Technical Operation for Lifting Personnel

Operators must take part in learning and training, and they can work only after passing the examination and having the work license of special operators issued by the construction industry management department。 Before operation, check the wire rope, clutch, brake, safety ratchet, transmission wheel, etc. During the operation, the steel wire rope shall be kept … Read more

AQ-LDY Metallurgical Overhead Crane

AQ-LDY type metallurgical single girder crane is designed and manufactured in accordance with JB / T 1306-2008 standard and used together with AQ-YH Ⅱ electric hoist. The working level is A6, the working environment temperature is ≤ 60 ℃, the relative humidity is ≤ 85%, the altitude is below 2000m, and the crane noise is not … Read more

European Electric Hoist

ND series wire rope electric hoist is developed according to the European FEM design standard, with advanced concept and beautiful appearance. The driving unit adopts the ABM driving device with point line meshing gear structure imported from Germany. The whole machine is compact and reasonable in structure, simple and convenient in operation, safe and efficient … Read more

Safety Requirements of Operating Double Girder Gantry Crane

In the lifting industry, different crane equipment have different working characteristics, so they are suitable for different working environment. The double girder gantry crane can carry some large-scale heavy objects and solve many problems that cannot be solved by manpower and other lifting equipment. There are some safety requirements of double girder gantry crane in … Read more

Differences Between Bridge Crane and Gantry Crane

1. Bridge crane is a kind of lifting equipment which is used to lift materials horizontally over workshop, warehouse and stock yard; Gantry crane is a kind of deformation of bridge crane, also called gantry crane. It is mainly used for loading and unloading of outdoor goods yard, stock yard and bulk cargo. 2. The … Read more

Operation and Control of Rail Container Gantry Crane

The rail type container gantry crane is operated by the driver in the control console of the cab. The cab is usually suspended under the traveling trolley and runs with the trolley. All operations of the crane can be realized on the linkage platform of the cab. The crane can also be operated at the … Read more

Important Information of Our Marine Travel Lift

Marine travel lift is a kind of mobile lifting equipment, also known as boat hoist. It is safe and reliable to lift, with various turning ways, self-contained power, and flexible. It is suitable for the lifting of yacht club, water upstream Park, water training center, navy and other units. Main features of the travel lift are … Read more

Three Types of Bridge Crane Movement Form

Bridge crane is an important tool and equipment to realize mechanization and automation of production process in modern industrial production and lifting transportation. Therefore, the bridge crane is widely used in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel chemical industry, railway transportation, port and wharf, logistics turnover and other places. There are … Read more