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What Is A Gantry Crane?

What is a gantry crane? Speaking of gantry crane definition, as the deformation of the overhead cranes, it is a gantry lifting equipment that used in different working occasions, such as container port, shipyards, dock, offshore, etc. For its appearance and structure looks like a portal or a gate, it has been called gantry crane. Basic … Read more

Brief Introduction of Featured Jib Cranes

Jib crane is a small-medium lifting equipment development in recent years to meet the need of modernization. We mainly provide you three types of jib crane including pillar mounted jib crane, wall mounted jib crane and wall traveling jib crane to meet the basic of loads transport. You can choose your own one based on … Read more

Safe Operation of Jib Crane

No overload lifting; During operation process, no one is allowed to stand under the boom; Do not drag heavy objects (that is, when the lifted objects are not off the ground, do not press the enter and horizontal movement buttons); When the machine is used outdoors, reliable rainproof measures shall be added; The operating temperature … Read more

Advantages and Features of Cranes

The single girder overhead crane is designed and produced according to national standards, the crane is a kind of light duty lifting equipment, it is equipped with CD/MD electric wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist as its lifting mechanism. The single girder crane is widely used in workshop, warehouse, factory and yard to lift … Read more

Trial Operation of Crane

Before the operation of the crane, it is necessary to carefully check whether the installation of mechanical and electrical components meets the requirements, whether the connection of parts and components is loose, whether the lubrication parts are lubricated and whether the lubrication is good. Otherwise, it should be eliminated. It is necessary to check whether … Read more

Description of Single Girder Overhead Crane Characteristics

AQ-LD type single girder overhead crane: The structure of this overhead crane is simple and the purchase cost is relatively low. It must be used together with the electric hoists. Generally, the lifting capacity is 0.5 ~ 20t, the span is 7.5 ~ 31.5m, the working level is A3, and the working environment temperature is … Read more

Performance of Steel Structure Workshop

1. Seismic resistance The roofs of low-rise buildings are mostly sloped roofs. Therefore, the roof structure is basically a triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed steel members. After sealing structural plates and gypsum boards, light steel members form a very solid “plate rib structure system”. This structure system has a stronger ability of anti-seismic and … Read more

Routine Maintenance of Overhead Crane

Appearance of overheadcrane: fully clean the appearance to ensure no dust. Check for cracks and open welds. Crane and trolley: check and fasten whether the transmission shaft seat, gearbox, coupling, shaft and key are loose; check and adjust the brake wheel clearance to make it uniform, sensitive and reliable. Check the reducer of overhead crane … Read more

Protective Device of Electric Hoist

Electric hoist generally has multi-directional protection device to ensure the safety of personnel and work, but the protection device should also have some basic requirements. It has the function of preventing danger, suitable for the operation condition of electric hoist, and does not hinder the production and operation. It is installed firmly, with reliable performance, … Read more

Safety Technical Operation for Lifting Personnel

Operators must take part in learning and training, and they can work only after passing the examination and having the work license of special operators issued by the construction industry management department。 Before operation, check the wire rope, clutch, brake, safety ratchet, transmission wheel, etc. During the operation, the steel wire rope shall be kept … Read more