Ellsen overhead cranes

As one of the most widely used lifting equipment, overhead crane is applicable to transfer, load and unload materials in warehouse, workshop, factory, goods yard and power station. Due to its shape like a bridge, it is also called bridge crane. Ellsen overhead cranes have many types for you choice, such as single girder overhead cranes, double girder overhead cranes, explosion proof overhead cranes and magnetic overhead cranes.

Double girder overhead crane from Ellsen

Top Running Overhead Crane

Top running overhead crane is a common type of overhead crane and as the name implies, its end trucks travel on ...
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Overhead traveling crane for sale

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

Electric overhead travelling crane is one of the most commonly used overhead cranes, and it is also called eot crane ...
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Electric Overhead Crane

Electric overhead crane is an efficient lifting solution for the manufacturing industry, across a wide range of workplaces such as warehouse and ...
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Underslung crane for sale

Underslung Crane

Based on JB2603-94 design standard, underslung crane is a kind of light weight overhead rail crane equipped with AQ-CD1 or AQ-MD1 ...
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5 ton overhead crane supplied by Ellsen

5 Ton Overhead Crane

5 ton overhead crane is a kind of light duty overhead crane and ideal for lifting goods up to 5 ton ...
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10 ton overhead crane for sale

10 Ton Overhead Crane

10 ton overhead crane belongs to light duty overhead crane with the lifting capacity up to 10 ton. It is ...
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20 ton overhead crane provided by Ellsen

20 Ton Overhead Crane

20 ton overhead crane for sale is an important material handling equipment which Ellsen is specialized in. The overhead crane is ...
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Single girder crane supplied by Ellsen

2 Ton Overhead Crane

2 ton overhead crane belongs to light duty overhead crane to carry small and light loads in factory, warehouse, shop, ...
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Explosion proof crane from Ellsen

Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

Explosion proof overhead crane is mainly used to transfer, load and unload materials in the workshop, warehouse, factory with explosive gas ...
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Foundry crane for sale

Foundry Crane

Foundry crane is a kind of overhead bridge crane for special use, commonly used in metal smelting workshop. It is ...
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Magnetic overhead crane for sale

Magnetic Overhead Crane

Magnetic overhead crane is a kind of material handling equipment, improved from double girder overhead crane. It is widely used ...
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Remote control overhead crane for sale

Remote Control Overhead Crane

Remote control overhead crane is one of the most commonly used lifting equipment in many industries such as the fabrication ...
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Warehouse overhead crane for sale

Warehouse Overhead Crane

Warehouse overhead crane is a common industrial crane, and as its name implies, it is used to load, unload and ...
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Workstation crane for sale

Workstation Crane

Workstation crane is especially designed for workstations and production lines to move large and heavy items so as to improve ...
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Grab Overhead Crane

Overhead Travelling Crane with Grab

Overhead travelling crane with grab is one of the most common cranes used in the industries, and its lifting device ...
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Pendant crane for sale

Pendant Crane

Pendant crane is used in a wide variety of industries to serve as the lifting equipment, such as machinery manufacturing industry ...
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Ellsen indoor crane for sale

Indoor Crane for Sale

Indoor crane is applied in a wide range of indoor workplaces such as factory, workshop, shop, and workstation to boost ...
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Ellsen ceiling mounted crane for sale

Ceiling Mounted Crane

Ceiling mounted crane is a kind of over head crane of which the runway is directly attached to the ceiling of ...
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Features of Overhead Cranes

  1. Simple structure and low cost

Ellsen over head cranes mainly consist of main beam, end beam, lifting device and electric conductive device. Our over head crane equips with electric hoist which has the advantages of reasonable price, easy installation and maintenance, and high versatility. In addition, the equipment accessories like motor and gearbox we use are with high quality and good performance, so that the maintenance and repair work can be greatly reduced. At the same time, power consumption will be decreased, greatly saving the cost.

  1. High safety and easy operation

Generally, overhead cranes have three operation methods, cab operation, wired handle operation and remote control operation. The remote control operation can keep operators away from the lifting materials in case they are injured, effectively preventing the accident. Cab operation is commonly adopted by double girder overhead crane. In the cab, operator has a wide field of vision to observe the surroundings of lifting goods, so as to prevent accidents. Besides, our crane overhead adopts pressure type overload limiter which has the function of alarm and power-off protection. Therefore, all these advantages guarantee highly safe working environment.

  1. Reliable performance and long service life

In order to improve the performance and service life of the equipment, the crane parts we adopt mainly come from well-known brands at home and abroad such as SEW motor from Germany, which is with high quality and superior performance. Thus Ellsen overhead crane is worthy of customers’ trust.

Single girder overhead cranes for sale
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Different Types of Overhead Cranes

Overhead crane types are various. According to the number of beams, it can be divided into single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane. Ellsen company mainly manufactures single girder overhead crane including AQ-LD type, AQ-LDY type, AQ-LB type, AQ-LDZ type, AQ-LX type, AQ-HD type, and double girder overhead crane including AQ-QD type, AQ-QZ type, AQ-QC type, AQ-YZ type, AQ-QB type, and AQ-NLH type.

  1. Single girder overhead crane

AQ-LD type crane belongs to general overhead crane, equipped with AQ-CD or AQ-MD electric hoists. Because of its low level of working class, it cannot be used to lift heavy goods or used in busy working places; AQ-LDY type is used to lift and transfer the molten metal in metallurgy and foundry, equipped with AQ-YH type electric hoist; AQ-LB type is a kind of explosion proof overhead crane; AQ-LDZ type  uses grab as its grabbing device to lift all kinds of loose or bulk materials;

AQ-LX type is a kind of underslung crane which can reach a higher lifting height; AQ-HD type introduces world advanced technology, equipped with European electric hoist.

  1. Double girder overhead crane

AQ-QD type is a universal overhead crane and has a wide range of application; AQ-QZ type has higher level of working class and lifting speed compared with AQ-LDZ single beam overhead crane; AQ-QC type is a magnetic crane widely used in scrap steel recycling and steel-making workshop; AQ-YZ type crane is the main equipment used in steelmaking and continuous casting process to transferring and lifting liquid ladle; AQ-QB type is mainly used in chemical workshop, warehouse and yard with flammable and explosive materials; AQ-NLH type adopts the latest design technology and has the advantages of light weight, smooth and fast operation, small wheel pressure, etc.

With so many kinds of overhead crane lifting equipment, which crane you should choose depends on the types of your lifting materials, using environment, your requirement for capacity, span, lifting height, etc. You can leave a detailed message for overhead crane, so that we can offer you a quotation best suitable for you. In addition, our company also provides customized cranes.

How Much Does an Over Head Crane Cost?

For customers who have the intention to purchase overhead crane equipment, they are most concerned about price. Overhead crane prices may fluctuate under many factors, such as application, specification, and model.

First of all, overhead cranes for different applications are different in price. For instance, the price of explosion proof overhead crane is different from the common overhead crane. Secondly, overhead lifting equipment with different specifications and models are not the same in price. Thirdly, different types of overhead cranes are also different in price. Given the same specifications, the European type overhead crane is much more expensive than the AQ-LD type overhead crane.

If you want to know the cost of overhead crane, please let us know your specific requirement for overhead crane lifting devices, and we will offer you a best quotation.

double girder overhead crane

Reputable Overhead Crane Manufacturer

Zhengzhou Ellsen Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the top overhead cranes manufacturers in China with more than 10 years’ experience in crane designing, manufacturing and installation. Ellsen overhead cranes have been exported to over 80 countries and regions such as Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, Australia and Tanzania.

Over the years, Ellsen has kept introducing advanced technology and first-class processing equipment at home and abroad, being dedicated to research and development, which have remarkably improved the company core competency. Our company has also established perfect pre-sale, sales tracking, after-sale service systems to better serve our clients.

Besides over head crane, our company are also involved in manufacturing gantry crane, electric hoist, jib crane, construction winch, marine winch, etc. As one of the most famous overhead crane suppliers in china, Ellsen has rich manufacturing experience, thus we can ensure you high quality products and best service.

For customers who want to buy overhead cranes, please feel free to contact us directly or leave us a message, and welcome you to visit our factory!