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single girder gantry crane installation

3 Sets of Gantry Cranes Installed in Uzbekistan

One of our customers from Uzbekistan has ordered 3 sets of single girder gantry crane for the materials handling work, and now the gantry cranes have been completely installed on the work site. After knowing well of our customer’s requirements, we recommend the suitable crane solutions to meet all the work needs. Our customer is … Read more

semi gantry crane installed in Uzbekistan

Single Girder Semi Gantry Cranes Work in Uzbekistan

One of our customers from Uzbekistan ordered two sets of single girder semi gantry crane for their facility, the semi gantry cranes are manufactured according to European standard to meet our customers’ work requirements. The lifting capacity of the gantry cranes are 20 ton and 10ton, the cranes are equipped with electric chain hoists as … Read more

5ton double girder crane

Gantry Crane Installed for Our Customers from Thailand

One of our customers from Thailand ordered a 5ton double girder gantry crane from us. After being installed, the gantry crane works reliably and safely all the time. Our customers are very satisfied with our crane products and they said the crane has greatly improve their efficiency and save much human labor. For this gantry … Read more

Double Girder Gantry Crane to Argentina

70 Ton Gantry Cranes Installed in Argentina

Two sets of 70 ton double girder gantry cranes manufactured by our company have been exported to Argentina and have been installed completely for our customer. After finishing the installation, our customer is very satisfied with our quality products and professional after-sales installation team. We always stick to “Customer First” value and provide suitable and … Read more

gantry crane in Chile

Gantry Cranes Installation in Chile

Two sets of double girder gantry cranes are installed in Chile used to lift and move containers from one place to another. The quality of our gantry cranes and our professional and excellent service have been highly recognized by our customers, and we are looking forward to more and further cooperation with our customers in … Read more