Disposable Sterilized Rubber Surgical Gloves

Disposable sterilized rubber gloves are used in surgical procedures to protect patients and users from infection;

Suitable for disposable gloves that are worn once and then discarded;

Not suitable for inspection gloves or procedure gloves;

Sizes: 5# 5.5# 6# 6.5# 7# 7.5# 8# 8.5# 9# 9.5#

disposable surgical gloves
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Features of the Disposable Protective Gloves

Made of 100% pure natural latex, soft, comfortable and good texture;

Gloves with natural color, which doesn’t irritate the eyes and affect the operation;

Split left and right hands, easy to wear;

High quality, safe without infection and allergies;

Easy to use and discard;

Packaging material uses international standard medical dialysis paper, which has better bacteriostasis;

Long periods of time wearing, for they cause minimal hand fatigue.

Instructions of Using the Gloves

Before use the gloves, wash your hands and disinfect them;

Select the appropriate model, peel off the wrapping paper in the direction of the arrow, and remove the gloves and put them on your hands.

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