Classification of Mine Winch

Mine winches mainly include: lifting winch, dispatching winch, prop-pulling winch, endless-rope winch, etc.

1. According to the winding way of steel wire rope: it can be divided into winding winch and friction winch;

2. According to the number of drums: it can be divided into single drum winch,double drum winch and multi drum winch;

3. According to the transmission mode: it can be divided into gear drive winch and hydraulic drive winch;

4. According to explosion-proof performance: it can be divided into explosion-proof winch and non explosion-proof winch;

5. According to driving power: it can be divided into electric winch and air winch;

6. According to the drum diameter, it can be divided into: 1.6m, 1.2m, 0.8m winch, etc;

mine winches
mine winches

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