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20ton battery transfer cart

Feedback of Aicrane Battery Transfer Carts from Canadian Customer

Recently, one of our Canadian customers sent us feedback of using our battery transfer cart and he said the transfer carts worked reliably and flexibly, which greatly improved the work efficiency. The customer purchased two 20 ton battery transfer carts from our company used for transferring heavy materials in the production workshop. Deatailed Information of … Read more

overhead crane installed in Dominica

Aicrane 7.5 Ton Overhead Crane Installed in Dominica

One of our customers from Dominica sent us positive feedback of the 7.5 ton overhead crane installation in his warehouse. The overhead crane is our AQ-LD type single girder overhead crane, its span is 12.6m, it is equipped with an electric chain hoist as the lifting device, and the crane is used to handle insulation … Read more

10ton battery transfer cart for sale

Aicrane Battery Transfer Carts Delivered to the US

Two sets of 10 ton battery transfer carts have been successfully delivered to the US and they will be used to transfer granite slabs in the customer’s factory. These two transfer carts are trackless type and adopt remote control operation. With the help of the two transfer cars, the work efficiency and productivity will be … Read more

overhead crane installation

Installation of European Overhead Crane in Uzbekistan

Congratulations to Aicrane! The installation of a European standard overhead crane has been completely finished. The lifting capacity of the overhead crane is 10 ton and its span length is 10.5m. The crane is our AQ-HD type with high work performance and free maintenance design. The 10 ton overhead crane will be used in the … Read more

5 ton double girder gantry crane for USA

5 Ton Double Girder Gantry Crane Installed and Used in USA

Good news! Recently, one of our customers sent us feedback about the successfully installation of Aicrane 5 ton double girder gantry crane, the crane is our European standard gantry crane installed and used in Guam, USA. The 5 ton gantry crane is mainly used to handle steel accessories in the customer’s warehouse. How Did the … Read more

30ton electric winch

5 ton and 30 ton Electric Winches Exported to Nigeria

Aicrane one 5 ton winch and two 30 ton electric winches were exported to Nigeria. The three winches are our AQ-JM series slow speed electric winches and will be used to handle boats for shore maintenance. On-site Inspection of Aicrane Team Before purchasing the winch, our project consultants and technician went to Nigeria for the … Read more

3 ton winches for sale in Philippines

Electric Slow Speed Winches for A Customer in the Philippines

Recently, three electric slow speed winches were delivered to Cagayan de Oro city, Philippines. The rated load of the electric winch is 3 ton and it is our hot-sale winch type – AQ-JM slow speed winch. These 3 ton electric winches will be used on construction site for heavy loads handling as required. Read on … Read more