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20ton gantry crane for Kazakhstan

Installation of Aicrane 20ton Gantry Crane in Kazakhstan

Good news coming from Kazakhstan! One Aicrane 20 ton gantry crane has been successfully installed in our customer’s factory. The gantry crane is our AQ-MH single girder gantry crane, and it will be used for loading and unloading steel at railway yards from one place to another as required. Know Parameters of the Single Girder Gantry … Read more

Aicrane winches for Singapore

Electric Slow Speed Winches Shipped to Singapore

Aicrane four sets of slow speed electric winches have been shipped to Singapore, recently, we received the customer’s positive feedback, he said the electric winches work safely and efficiently, which has greatly improved the work efficiency. Read on to know more details about this case. The winches provided for the customer is our AQ-JM series … Read more

overhead crane for sale in the Philippines

16 ton Overhead Crane for Philippine Customer

Recently, one of our cooperative customers in the Philippines sent us positive feedback about our overhead crane, he said the overhead crane works has been tested and works reliably and safely. Read on the post to know the case details now. Details about the Single Beam Overhead Crane The overhead crane for the Philippies is … Read more

pillar jib cranes for Uzbekistan

Aicrane Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes for Uzbekistan

One of our cooperative client in Uzbekistan sent us positive feedback of using our pillar mounted jib cranes. The client bought four sets of 2 ton pillar mounted type jib cranes from our company and he said the jib cranes work reliably and efficiently in his workshop. These four 2ton jib cranes are mainly used … Read more

marine hydraulic winch for Australia

20 ton Hydraulic Marine Winch Shipped to Australia

Good News!8 sets of marine hydraulic winch 20 ton have been shipped to Australia, and these marine winches will be used for positioning boats as required. These eight positioning winches adopt wireless remote control and they can be operated and controlled by one person at the same time when they work. This Australian customer had … Read more

20 ton electric transfer cart for Kazakhstan

20 ton Transfer Cart Used in Kazakhstan

Aicrane 20 ton electric transfer cart has been delivered to Kazakhstan and used in the manufacturing plant to transfer steel coils and other prefabricated steel products. This transfer cart runs on the rails while handling heavy materials and works together with the overhead cranes in the plant. Why Did the Customer Choose Us? This customer … Read more

cable drum transfer cart

10ton Transfer Cart Was Delivered to Uzbekistan

Recently, a 10 ton electric transfer cart was delivered to Uzbekistan for our customer, this transfer cart is powered by cable drum and the voltage is 380v, and it adopts both handle and remote control for the operation. Read on to know more details of the transfer cart. Technical Parameters of the AQ-KPJ 10 ton … Read more

explosion proof electric hoists for Saudi Arabia

Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoists Exported to Saudi Arabia

Aicrane products shipping news coming! Recently, three explosion proof wire rope hoists have been delivered to Saudi Arabia for the client. These explosion proof electric hoists will be used in explosive environment working together with cranes for handling heavy materials on request. Read on the post to know the case details. Technical Parameters of the … Read more