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Brief Introduction of Featured Jib Cranes

Jib crane is a small-medium lifting equipment development in recent years to meet the need of modernization. We mainly provide you three types of jib crane including pillar mounted jib crane, wall mounted jib crane and wall traveling jib crane to meet the basic of loads transport. You can choose your own one based on your need.

Pillar mounted jib crane can move any angle in three-dimensional space. Moreover, for short distance and frequent lifting transport, it has unique superiority than any other lifting jibs.

pillar mounted jib crane
pillar mounted jib crane

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Wall mounted jib crane, also call wall jib crane, can make a maximum turning degree of 270°, and it beyond the limit of ceiling of plant, you can assemble it on a pillar or connect with a bracket fixed on the wall.

wall mounted jib cranefor sale
wall mounted jib crane

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Wall traveling jib cane is special-purpose machinery for machinery manufacturing and assembly workshop. It make full use of orbit in the wall of multilayer assembly shop to walk. Which save the production area and makes task transport more flexible.

wall traveling jib crane for sale
wall traveling jib crane

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