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16 ton Overhead Crane for Philippine Customer

Recently, one of our cooperative customers in the Philippines sent us positive feedback about our overhead crane, he said the overhead crane works has been tested and works reliably and safely. Read on the post to know the case details now.

16 ton overhead crane for the Philippines
16 ton overhead crane for the Philippines

Details about the Single Beam Overhead Crane

The overhead crane for the Philippies is our AQ-LD type single girder overhead crane and its lifting capacity is 16 ton. This single beam overhead crane is equipped with an electric wire rope hoist as its lifting device. The 16 ton single girder overhead crane is used in the pump room to transfer pumps for replacement and maintenance. Now the overhead crane has been completely installed and commissioned and all are in good conditions.

Parameters of the Single Girder Overhead Crane

overhead crane for sale in the Philippines
overhead crane for sale in the Philippines
Model AQ-LD Single Girder Overhead Crane 
Lifting capacity 16 ton
Span 13m
Max. lifting height 15m
Work duty A3
Control mode pendant control+remote control

Overhead Crane Solutions for Philippine Customers

As one of the reliable overhead crane manufacturers, we provide different overhead cranes for the Philippines, mainly including single beam overhead crane, double beam overhead crane, top running overhead crane, underhung crane, magnetic overhead crane, explosion-proof overhead crane and foundry crane.

No matter what kind of overhead crane you need for your project, we can just offer the suitable crane solution to suit all your requirements. If you have special requirements on the crane machines, we can provide customized solutions. In a word, Aicrane solutions are tailored to meet all the work needs put forward by the customers.

Aicrane Service in the Philippines

We have been in the Philippines for many years and many of our lifting equipment have been exported there. We have branch office in the Philippines in order to serve the local customers quicker and better anytime they need our support. We provide product design, production, delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance, training and other services to meet different customers’ needs. Choose Aicrane, and you can just get quality products and excellent services.

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